Name : Splatinn
Skill : Website design & development_
Name : Splatinn
Skill : Website design & development_

We Do
Dev & Design

A boutique studio based in Israel.
We can provide all services for a design savvy business.

Years of experience



About Me

For the past 9 years i have been a digital generalist, working on dozens of projects in the digital world including marketing, design, content creation and web development.

Today, i am offering multiple services where i control all of the work aspects, while also relying on specific experts for different parts of the project, this way i can guarantee a superb quality of work, while still providing competitive pricing.
Trusted By 50+ Brands


UX / UI Design

Upgrade or create beautiful design for your website & app or develop full brand identity.

Web Development

Develop an existing design and fixing general bugs.I mostly work on Wordpress and Webflow, which is my favorite platform.


Full consultation for branding, marketing & design, can be an audit according to targets or a video call with me.

Project Managment

Manage Specific Projects including HR process for your business, awesome for less “techy” business owners.

Blockchain Development

Various Blockchain services as Smart Contract creation, NFT minting, DEX, DEFI and general platforms development.

Latest Work

(Translated from Hebrew)
Shahaf has been our go-to guy to Cubix since before launch. He made our entire digital presence including website, branding and marketing guidance.
The results were not late to come. I can say that working with Pdigital has been a major key of Cubix success, and i will definitely keep working with him. designers LOVE working with our website and we keep getting compliments all the time.

Igal Ben Yehuda.
CEO, Cubix.

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Some questions you probably want to know before working with me.

Need Support?
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Do you offer extra fast delivery?

Yes, we do offer extra fast delivery for additional payment.
Feel free to contact me regarding your timeline and I can surely help you.

How are your prices compared to competition?

Heres the thing, since i work regularly with many talents around the world, i get very good development and design prices while working with the pro's.
Im still doing most of the work and entire project management, so you get excellent service and very competitive prices.

What quality can i expect?

I want to be completely honest, this is a hard question to answer.. you can either make 1k$ website or 20k$ website, both will be in different quality and complexity.
What I can guarantee is the quality would be fair for any price :)

What are the payment options?

Small projects up to 1000$ are payed upfront, higher than that is 50% upfront + 50% when the project is done.
You can also use a credit card for up to 3 payments.

Why Pdigital?

The business model of Pdigital is awesome, i'm confident my product could be a great product for almost any business owner.
Secondly, i did pretty much everything when it comes to digital, so when i build a website, i can make sure it would actually do it's job, whether it's converting visitors or building a fan base.. the website would usually have a better design, copy text and conversion rate compared to a solo website developer.
I see many websites with a beautiful design, which made by designers much better than me, but those websites just don't sell.

Anything else i need to know before working with you?

I am into doing crazy stuff, new designs, provocative campaigns.. so let me know if you are looking for something outside the box!